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Buccaneers caged by the Bluejays

By Staff | Feb 2, 2015

The Blue Earth Area boys basketball team had a tough time coming back from the first half of their game against the Waseca Bluejays last Thursday night.

The boys traveled to Waseca where they were defeated by the Bluejays for the second time this season with a score of 89-48.

BEA’s Derek Johnson scored first for the Bucs, a 3-pointer in the beginning of the first half.

But, a few 2- and 3-point shots could not help the Buc boys as Waseca’s Shane Streich, Isaac Highum and Nick Dufault led the Bluejays.

Streich managed to score seven 2-pointers and three free throws in the first half, Highum rounded up four 3-pointers, two 2-point shots and a free throw, while Dufault carried the Bluejays in the first half with five 3-point shots, a single 2-pointer and two free throws.

The Bucs struggled defensively as the Bluejays sunk one shot after another.

The first half ended with a score of 61-22 in Waseca’s favor, a tough score to work up to.

But, the Bucaneers did not give up. In the second half, BEA’s Bailey Olson scored four 2-pointers for his team, while Chandler Kienitz took home two 2-pointers for the Bucs.

However, it was BEA’s Nick Shure that led the Bucs in the second half.

Shure took home four 2-pointers and three free throws in addition to a defensive rebound and an assist.

In terms of plays throughout the night, Bailey Olson led the Bucs with 18 points, two rebounds, two blocked shots and a single steal.

Shure was on Olson’s heels with nine total points scored, most in the second half of the game, a single defensive rebound and one assist.

For the Bluejays, Streich led his team to their huge win against BEA.

Streich scored 23 points for the evening, and had two assists and a single offensive rebound.

Dufault followed close behind his teammate with 21 points scored, a single assist, an offensive rebound and three defensive rebounds for the night.

Although the Bucs did struggle with their offensive play, they did manage six assists, three blocks and two steals.

Fairmont 58, BEA 42

Both the boys and the girls basketball teams played against the Fairmont Cardinals last Friday, Jan. 23, at the Blue Earth Area High School.

The Buc girls slipped by the Cardinals and won the game by a single point, 36-35, but the Buc boys were not so lucky.

By a 16-point margin, the Cardinals defeated the Buccaneer boys, 58-42.

Leading the Bucs was number 31, Bailey Olson, with 16 points and number 11, Derek Johnson, trailed slightly behind with 15 points.

The Buc boys played the Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Knights last Saturday, Jan. 31, but the game took place after the Faribault County Register’s deadline, so look for full coverage in next week’s edition.