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Buc boys basketball loses to LCWM Knights

By Staff | Feb 6, 2015

The Blue Earth Area boys basketball team lost to the Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial Knights in last Saturday’s non-conference game by a score of 69-54.

Shortly after the tip-off, the Bucs trailed the Knights by several points; by halftime, the scoreboard read 41-34 in the Knights’ favor.

Leading player for the Bucs was senior Derek Johnson, who scored 22 of the team’s 54 total points.

Johnson made 5 of 6 2-pointers and half of his attempted threes, 4 of 8. He also contributed two steals, an assist and a single rebound.

Bailey Olson, No. 31 for the Bucs, added 18 points to his team’s score, sinking 8 of 14 2-pointers and making two of his three attempted free throws.

Olson recovered six of the Bucs’ seven total rebounds and grabbed one steal and had one assist.

LCWM?senior Mark Jacobs led the Knights to the victory over the Bucs.

Scoring 20 total points for his team, Jacobs sank 100 percent of his attempted 3-point shots and free throws; two of each.

In addition, he scored 6 of 7 2-pointers and 8 of 9 field goals.

Sophomore Mac Graupman supplied 14 of the Knights’ 69 total points; he made 7 of 8 2-pointers and 7 of 9 field goals.

Like Jacobs, teammate Nick Thul also made 100 percent of his attempted threes and free throws, two of each, and drained 3 of 5 2-pointers and 5 of 7 field goals.

Although the LCWM?boys basketball team won the game by 15 points, the BEA team did display good defensive tactics; the Bucs scooped up seven rebounds, eight assists and five steals.

They did, however, also commit 15 fouls throughout the course of the game.

BEA played in a home game against the St. Peter Saints last Friday night at the Blue?Earth Area High School.

However, as the game took place after the newspaper’s deadline, look for a recap in the next issue of the Faribault County Register.