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Bucs slam the Luverne Cards

By Staff | Feb 22, 2015

The Bucs boys basketball team won in a non-conference game against the Luverne Cardinals with a final score of 61-58 last Tuesday evening at the Blue Earth Area High School.

The Bucs started the game strong as Nick Shure (No. 22) scored the first four points for the home team.

Despite having four fouls within the first quarter, the Bucs’ score kept climbing as Derek Johnson scored two 3-pointers while Shure and Bailey Olson each scored one 3-point shot.

The Bucs were not ahead of the Cardinals throughout the entire game, however.

Early in the first half, Luverne’s No. 24, Quinton Siebenahler sank three 2-pointers and a handful of free throws.

But, despite trailing, the Buc boys never gave up on getting the lead back.

During the beginning of the second half, the Cardinals held on to a 10-point lead for quite some time until Olson made one last 2-pointer, with an assist by Johnson, to even the score, 56-56.

In an exciting finish for the Bucs, Olson tallied yet another 2-pointer with an assist by Johnson and a 3 point shot with an assist by Tyler Hannaman to round out the final score, 61-58.

Olson led the Bucs to victory in Tuesday’s game, single-handedly scoring 26 points for his team.

He earned 7 of 12 attempted 2-pointers, 2 of 3 3-pointers and 6 of 7 free throws.

Johnson was the second highest scorer that evening, tallying 17 points for the Bucs, seven assists, three steals and two rebounds.

The Cardinals were led by Trenton Rops, who took home 20 points for his team, scoring 100 percent of his attempted field goals and free throws.

Nolan Sawtelle scored 16 points for the Huskies, making him the second highest scorer for his team.

Sawtelle earned 4 of 9 2-pointers, 1 of 4 threes, 5 of 13 field goals and 5 of 5 free throw attempts.

JCC 69, BEA 48

The Buc boys lost by 12 points in a non-conference game against the Jackson County Central Huskies last Monday night in the JCC High School. The final score was 69-48.

Huskies No. 22, Zach Schwarting, started things off right away with a 3-pointer for the Huskies.

However, Tyler Hannaman, Mathew Bell and Kyle Engesser each recovered a defensive rebound only minutes after tip off, securing the net for the Bucs and preventing another score for the Huskies.

But, as the Bucs’ defense grew weaker, the Huskies seemed to grow stronger; JCC’s Matt Ringkob (No. 3) ran up the scoreboard with four free throws and a single 3-pointer.

Bodey Behrends, No. 23 for the Huskies, managed to score two free throws and two 2-pointers in a very short amount of time.

The Bucs had trouble responding defensively as the Huskies racked up 24 points near the end of the first half, which ended with a score of 38-16.

The Bucs’ score began to climb after halftime, but the team had trouble catching up.

After the Bucs had committed three consecutive fouls, and another nine fouls in the second half alone, the Huskies were able to bolster their score by way of one-point free throws.

The final score of 69-48 came after JCC’s No. 15, Jacob Christopher scored two last free throw shots.

Olson led the Bucs with his contribution of 16 points, scoring 6 of 6 free throws and 5 of 9 two-pointers.

Johnson earned 14 points for the Bucs by scoring 4 of 5 total 3-point shots that evening.

Schwarting led the Huskies with 12 points, earning 4 of 5 field goals and 4 of 5 three-pointers.

Christopher scored 10 points for JCC in the form of three 2-pointers, three field goals and 4 of 5 free throws.

Windom 54, BEA 46

The BEA boys basketball team lost against the Windom Eagles 54-46 in a non-conference game last Saturday, Feb. 14, at the Windom Area High School.

Blue Earth Area’s Kyle Engesser started things off with a 2-point basket for the Bucs, with an assist by BEA’s No. 53, Mathew Bell.

As the first half heated up, the score was tied, 18-18 when Windom’s Tyler Morgan committed a foul, giving Bailey Olson a chance to shoot two free throws for the Bucs.

With six 2-pointers and a single 3-pointer under their belts, Olson sank both free throws, carrying the Bucs one point ahead of the Eagles, 19-18, once the halftime buzzer sounded.

The Bucs were once again on the ball as soon as they hit the court for the second half.

BEA’s Derek Johnson made the only 3-pointer for the Bucs, while Olson scored an astonishing 19 points for the Bucs, all during the second half of the game.

But, the number of fouls and turnovers committed by the Bucs ultimately led to the 8-point loss.

As time was running out, Olson and Bucs’ No. 23, Chandler Kienitz, each committed a defensive foul, allowing the Eagles to score four extra points during the last moments of the game.

But, despite an 8-point-loss, the Bucs did manage to recover 15 rebounds, seven assists and a single block.

Olson led the Bucs, scoring a total of 23 points for his team, 19 of which he earned during the second half.

Johnson earned 10 points for the Bucs and a spot as the second-highest scorer for this game.

Only one point apart from one another, the Eagles’ No. 5, Austin Fast, scored the most points, 13, for his team.

One point behind was No. 23, Kyle Antes, with 12 points, and one point behind him was Jeff Pfeffer with 11 points.

The Bucs will begin playing in the subsections Saturday, Feb. 21 in an away game against the highest seeded team in the conference.

This year, Fairmont is the highest seeded team in the conference, so the Bucs will hit the road to play the Fairmont Cardinals at 7 p.m. in the Fairmont High School Gym.