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Bucs fall to Saints in last innings of game

By Staff | May 10, 2015

The Buccaneer softball team traveled to Fairmont last Thursday to face their rivals, the Cards. While earlier in the week the Bucs had a strong start to their game, unfortunately, the Cardinals had the strong start this time. The game was a Fairmont victory with a final score of 17-0.

Angie Cypher took the mound for one inning for the maroon and gold. She allowed one hit, seven walks and had one strikeout.

Adri Dulas also pitched for the Buccaneers, taking the mound for four innings. She pitched to 20 batters, allowed ten hits and had two strikeouts.

Jalyssa Wilson was a perfect 2 for 2 at bat for BEA.

Kylie Ahl and Caitlyn Holm were both 1 for 3 at bat.

St. Peter 16, BEA 6

The Buccaneers started off on a great foot, however, the St. Peter Saints rallied to come out from behind and grab the win.

The Blue Earth Area softball team hosted the Saints last Tuesday. They were able to get solid hits left and right which led them to an early 5-1 lead in the first inning. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep the Saints away and they powered ahead for a 16-6 win.

Makenzie Slette pitched to 34 hitters. She allowed 16 hits, seven walks and had one strikeout.

Caitlyn Holm was 3 for 4 at bat, hitting one double.

Angie Cypher was 2 for 3 hittings and had one double and two RBI.

Sara LaRow who was also 2 for 3 at bat, had one RBI.

Grace Leland was 1 for 4 at bat and also hit a double for the maroon and gold.

Jalyssa Wilson was 1 for 3 hitting and had one RBI.

Annaliese Klinkner was 2 for 4 at bat.

Worthington 10, BEA 8

Blue Earth Area softball team traveled to Worthington last Friday.

Although the Buccaneer girls were not able to tally a win against the opposing team, it was a close game.

The maroon and gold fell in the end with just a two-run difference.

“The Bucs played a tough game tonight. The last time we faced Worthington we got blown out,” Abby Bloomquist said.

Angie Cyphers was a perfect 2 for 2 during the game accounting for two Buccaneer runs.

Grace Leland was 3 for 5 at bat. She had two RBI?and scored two runs.

Caitlyn Holm was 3 for 5 batting accounting for one run and hitting three RBI.

Annaliese Klinkner was 1 for 4 but hit two RBI.

Brianna Ziegler and Sydney Henningsen were both 1 for 4 at bat and Henningsen hit one RBI.

Adri Dulas was 0 for 1 at bat but scored one run.

Kylie Ahl was 0 for 2 hitting and also scored one run for the maroon and gold.

Sara LaRow was 0 for 3 but scored a run.

“We saw great offensive moves. We got a four-run lead, but unfortunately let Worthington creep back into the game,” Bloomquist added. “They took full advantage and ended up pulling ahead 10-8.”

Dulas took the mound for the Buccaneers and pitched six innings. She faced 30 batters allowed 13 hits and four walks.