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BE Pirates start season with a perfect 5-0 record

By Staff | Jun 7, 2015

The Blue Earth Pirates have kicked off their season on a winning streak with five wins and no losses under their belts already.

Most recently the Pirates traveled to Mankato to face up against the Kato Cubs on Sunday, May 31.

Blue Earth took a quick, early lead which resulted in a 13-3 victory for the Pirates.

The Blue Earth boys tallied five runs in the first two innings, before the Cubs could get even get in a run of their own.

In the third inning, the Cubs managed to score two runs. However, the Pirates were on a roll and brought in another four runs of their own in the third, bumping the score to 9-2.

The Pirates continued to outscore the Cubs and brought in one run during the fourth, one in the fifth and two in the eighth bringing them up to 13 runs for the game.

The Cubs only scored another run in the last inning, ending the game with a Pirate victory, 13-3.

Brandyn Olsen pitched all eight innings for the Pirates. He faced 35 batters, allowed six hits, three runs and three walks and had nine strikeouts.

Olsen also scored two runs, had four RBI, two home runs and took four bases on balls.

John Franta was 2 for 4 at bat and scored two runs and took one base on balls.

TJ Schmidtke was 2 for 4 batting and scored one run while Jay Fredrickson scored one run for the Pirates as well.

Bob Olson was 3 for 6 at bat. He scored two runs, hit two doubles and one RBI.

Garrett Anderson was 2 for 4 at bat and scored two runs and had one RBI.

Dallas Barslou was 2 for 3 batting, scoring two runs and hitting one RBI.

Andrew Bell was 1 for 2 at bat and scored one run.

Blue Earth 10,

Martin County 0

The Pirates kicked things off last weekend by hosting Martin County in Blue Earth on Saturday, May 30.

And they started the weekend off right, by downing their opponents and tallying a win, 10-0.

However, both teams remained without runs for the first two innings, but in the third inning the Pirates brought in a majority of their runs.

With a score of 7-0 by the end of the third inning, Blue Earth was in an easy lead. They continued to keep their opponents scoreless for the remainder of the game while they brought in three more runs.

Garrett Anderson pitched for seven innings for Blue Earth. He faced 27 batters, allowed three hits and had three walks. But, he had 11 strikeouts and allowed no runs.

Brandon Williamson also pitched for the Pirates. He took the mound for one inning and faced four batters. He only allowed one walk and had one strikeout.

John Franta scored a run for the Pirates. He also hit one RBI and took two bases on balls.

TJ Schmidtke was 2 for 5 at bat. He had one run and hit an RBI.

Brandyn Olsen was 2 for 4 hitting and scored one run.

Kane Malo was 1 for 2 at bat, had three walks and scored three runs. He also hit one RBI?and stole two bases.

Lee?Hodges was 1 for 2 at bat and scored two runs, took two bases on balls and hit two RBI.

Bobby Olson was 1 for 2 at bat, took two bases on balls and had one run.

Christian Haugh scored one run for the Pirates and hit one RBI and took two bases on balls.