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Pirates defeat Brewers, suffer 3 other losses

By Staff | Jul 17, 2015

The Pirates traveled to Minnesota Lake last Tuesday night to face the Royals during the town’s Festag celebration.

Despite playing on Minn Lake’s turf, the Pirates tallied another win and left the Royals in the dust, 7-0.

Garrett Anderson took the mound, pitching for the Pirates for five innings. He faced 22 batters, allowed four hits, four walks and one run and had five strikeouts.

Trent Sonnicksen pitched the other two innings of the game. He faced seven batters, allowed one base on balls and no hits or runs. He also had three strikeouts.

Coors Light Classic

The Pirates spent July 10-11 participating in the Coors Light Classic held in Jordan and Shakopee.

While there the Blue Earth boys tallied one win and two losses after facing Moorhead, Cold Spring and Jordan.

Moorhead 1,

Blue Earth 0

The Pirates played Moorhead on July 11 in Shakopee. They played seven innings to determine a winner, which is just how long it took for either team to tally a run.

The game started out slow with neither team managing a run for much of the beginning. In fact, the first couple of innings for Moorhead ended in just three batters.

The game remained scoreless until the seventh inning when the Brewers brought in their first run after a triple was hit.

Brandyn Olsen pitched for the Pirates for all seven innings. He faced 27 batters, allowed five hits, one base on balls and one run and had one strikeout.

Cold Spring 7,

Blue Earth 0

The Blue Earth boys played their second game against Cold Spring on July 11.

This game went to the Springers who after seven innings, won the game with a seven-run lead.

The Pirates suffered a 7-0 loss during their second game of the Coors Light Classic.

The game was scoreless until the fourth inning when the Springers scored the first run of the game.

Cold Spring entered the next inning and scored four more runs bumping the score to 5-0.

They solidified their win with two more runs during the seventh inning.

Cody Sukalski took the mound, pitching 4 1/3 innings for the Pirates. He faced 22 batters, allowed nine hits, and five runs and had two strikeouts.

Lee Hodges also pitched for the Pirates taking the mound for 2 2/3 innings. He faced 12 batters, allowed five hits and two runs and had one strikeouts.

Blue Earth 5, Jordan 2

The Pirates faced the Jordan Brewers on July 10 in Jordan as part of the Coors Light Classic.

However, a winner of the game wasn’t decided until 10 innings of play when the Pirates finally came out the victor.

The Brewers kicked off the scoring by bringing in the first run of the game in the second inning.

The Pirates answered back by scoring a run of their own in the third inning.

The Brewers pulled ahead again in the fifth with one run, but the Pirates were quick to even things up by scoring another run in the fifth inning as well.

The two teams remained at a 2-2 score throughout the rest of the game until the tenth inning when the Pirates brought in three more runs for the win.

Aaron Wendt pitched for the Pirates, taking the mound for six innings. He allowed two runs, three hits and three bases on balls and had four strikeouts.

Garrett Anderson pitched four innings for Blue Earth, as well. He allowed no hits or runs and had nine strikeouts.

Wendt also stepped up to bat for Blue Earth. He was 2 for 4 hitting and scored two runs. He also stole a base in both the third and the fifth innings.

Trent Sonnicksen was 1 for 3 at bat, but he took one base on balls in the 10th which resulted in a run for the Pirates. He took two bases on balls and accounted for one RBI.

Cody Sukalski was 2 for 5 hitting for Blue Earth. He scored one run and accounted for one RBI.

Carter Hanson was 1 for 3 at bat. He scored one run in the 10th inning and accounted for one RBI.

Lee Hodges was 2 for 4 at bat and accounted for 2 RBI.