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Pirates’ season comes to end in 3rd round of State

By Staff | Sep 13, 2015

The Blue Earth Pirates ended their season during the last weekend of the Class C State Tournament.

However, it was in the third round of tournament when they fell and ended their fight for the State Championship.

Blue Earth took on the Jordan Brewers in Watkins on Saturday, Sept. 5, after which the winner would advance to the next round of the tournament.

But, it was by just one point that nudged the Brewers ahead for the 3-2 win.

Jordan started things off with their first batter of the game hitting a double and getting on second base.

The second batter took a base on balls, and both players crossed home plate for two Brewer runs.

After that, both teams slowed down and neither scored runs in the next five innings.

However, the Brewers broke that streak in the seventh inning and brought another runner home, bumping their score to 3-0.

The Pirates responded in the eighth inning by making an attempt to pull ahead of the opposing team.

Kane Malo was the first to score a Blue Earth run and Brandyn Olsen wasn’t far behind him, bringing the score to 3-2.

Unfortunately, the next three Pirate batters got out and ended the inning.

The last inning of the game played out without either team bringing in another run.

Aaron Wendt pitched for the five innings. He allowed seven hits, two bases on balls and two runs. He also had two strikeouts.

Lee Hodges pitched for the other four innings. He allowed three hits, one run and one walk. He also had two strikeouts.

Malo was 1 for 5 batting for Blue Earth. He scored one run in the eighth inning.

Olsen was 1 for 3 at bat, and scored one run. He also took one base on balls.

Bobby Olson and Wendt both accounted for one RBI?each, helping their team to close the gap in the score.