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Bucs fall to St. Peter, St. James in two 3-1 matches this week

By Staff | Sep 20, 2015

It was another 3-1 match last Thursday as the Blue Earth Area Buccaneer volleyball team hosted the St. Peter Saints.

However, the match did not end in the home team’s favor, and the Saints took the victory 3-1.

The first game fell into the hands of St. Peter who ended up with almost twice as many points as the maroon and gold with a final score of 25-12.

But, the Bucs were quick to flip the scenario to their favor in the second game. That is when it was their turn to take the win by almost double with a 25-12 win over the Saints.

The Bucs win was enough to keep the match alive for another game.

However, the momentum slowed a little bit for the home team in the third set. St. Peter squeaked out a win, just ahead of BEA, by three points ending 25-22.

The next game would determine whether they would have to go into a fifth or if St. Peter would be the winner.

And, the 25-18 score declared the Saints the winner.

Lindsey Norman was hot on the ball and tallied 11 kills, 11 digs and had one ace block.

Alissa Norman led the team in set assists with a total of 25. She also had 12 digs and one ace block. Norman was also successful in her serves. She was 14 for 15 at the line, accounting for 9 points and one ace point.

Kaylor Jacobs led the team in digs, as she had 21, and nailed seven kills. She was also 16 for 17 serving, accounting for 9 points and two ace points.

Sofie Blair had seven kills and 12 digs for the maroon and gold, and Samantha Ripley had five kills.

The loss to St. Peter brings the Bucs’ overall record to 2-7 and their conference record to 1-2.

The Buccaneers will play again next Tuesday in New Ulm and again on Thursday in Blue Earth against Fairmont.

St. James 3, BEA 1

To say it was a close match would be an understatement.

The Blue Earth Area volleyball team played hard last Tuesday night when they hosted the St. James Saints.

The Buccaneers and Saints pushed back and forth throughout the four sets until St. James was finally determined the winner.

The first set of the match went to St. James in a 25-14 finish. However, the next three games were not as quick to settle.

The second game was a nail-biter as the Bucs came back from behind to fight for a win, which is just what they got. They took down the Saints by a two-point margin.

In the third set, St. James mirrored BEA’s last game and took the win by two points as well, ending in the visiting team’s favor, 25-23.

With one game in BEA’s favor and two in St. James, the next game would determine whether the opposing team would take the win or if they would go into the fifth game.

But, by just three points, the fourth game came to an end and brought the match to an end, giving the victory to the Saints.

Samantha Barslou was the leader of the pack when it came to digs and kills for the maroon and gold. She nailed seven kills and had 13 digs.

Kaylor Jacobs was also on the top of her game, getting 14 digs and five kills. She was also hot at the service line, serving 17 for 19 and accounting for 10 points and one ace point.

Lindsey Jacobs was also successful serving 17 for 18 behind the line. She accounted for nine points and four ace points. Jacobs also had 11 digs.

Alissa Norman led the team in set assists, as she had 24. She also had two ace blocks.

Sofie Blair had six kills at the net for the maroon and gold and accounted for five ace blocks.

Samantha Ripley also had five kills and had three ace blocks.

Lindsey Norman had 11 digs for the Buccaneers and four ace blocks.