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BSC recognizes Norman girls

By Staff | Nov 15, 2015

Twin sisters Alissa Norman, above, and Lindsey Norman, below, were acknowledged by the Big South Conference after the 2015-16 BEA Buccaneer volleyball season ended. Alissa was named to the All-Conference team, while her sister Lindsey received Honorable Mention.

The season is over and results are in.

Two Blue Earth Area volleyball players were acknowledged by the Big South Conference after the Buccaneers ended their season in fourth place in the East Division of the BSC.

And those two players just happen to be sisters. Alissa Norman was named to the All-Conference team while Lindsey Norman received an Honorable Mention.

“Both girls, along with their team, improved in all aspects of the game. From the first game to the last, the team showed great improvement in their ability to create and run a quicker paced offense,” says coach Donna Nawrocki. “Many of the girls more than doubled their stats from last year to this year.”

Nawrocki adds that the Buccaneers had a great season and she saw major growth in all of the girls.

“Major growth and maturity was seen in the team,” Nawrocki says. “This means there was improvement in all of the skill areas, and also in the team’s confidence with themselves and each other. The girls were a determined group, and even now, each of them have many goals they are setting for themselves for next season.”

With a BSC record of 4-6 this year, the Buccaneers found their stride during the season which seems to be promising for next year.

“A great group of young ladies, and I was proud of them and their accomplishments this season,” Nawrocki says.

Alissa Norman

Alissa, a sophomore at BEA, played as a setter for the maroon and gold this season but showed a great amount of diversity on the court.

She had a total of 585 set assists this year with a career total of 861.

“Alissa is quick to the ball, and does a great job of mixing up her set distribution to all of her hitters,” Nawrocki says.

But, sets are not the only impressive stats Alissa racked up throughout the 2015 volleyball season.

She tallied 219 digs, 23 ace serves, 45 kills and 21 set assists. Those stats make for career totals of 369 digs, 39 ace serves, 82 kills and 26 set assists.

“While blocking and digging aren’t the first stat you think of when talking about a setter, Alissa also sets up a nice block on our right side and positions herself on defense to dig up a lot of balls in the right back,” her coach says. “She keeps her team in a lot of plays with her ability to sprint the court and set her team up.”

Lindsey Norman

Lindsey, also a sophomore at BEAHS, was the middle hitter for the Buccaneers.

She had a total of 230 digs, 19 ace serves, 199 kills and 53 ace blocks this season. And, those stats contributed to the career totals of 361 digs, 30 ace serves, 287 kills and 65 ace blocks.

“Lindsey does a great job reading the opponent and moving along our side of the net to put up a big block,” Nawrocki says.

Lindsey also has improved her offense for the maroon and gold this season.

“She has picked up the pace in her offensive game by working on her ability to run a number of offensive plays,” the Buc coach explains. “Lindsey also does a nice job on serve receive and playing defense in the back row.”

Both Alissa and Lindsey also boast some strengths outside of volleyball. They both participate in basketball, track and field and concert choir, as well as performing well in their classes.