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Bucs fall to Tigers, 67-56

By Staff | Dec 20, 2015

Buccaneer Bailey Olson tries to drive the lane around a couple of tall Fairmont Cardinal defenders in the game on Friday night, Dec. 11. Olson had 16 points in the Bucs 67-41 loss to the Cards.

The Blue Earth Area Bucs were defeated again, and this time it was by Belle Plaine’s Tigers, making their overall record 2-5.

A vast improvement from games past, the Bucs kept their points flowing by making 41 percent of their field goal shots, and 70 percent of their free throw shots.

In the first half, the Bucs worked hard to keep the point gap between Belle Plaine small.

This was in part due to the Bucs’ scoring. Both Tyler Hannaman and Brandon Olson worked diligently on getting two-pointers racked up for the Bucs. Then Blake Barnett helped BEA by sinking not one, but two three-pointers.

At the beginning of the second half, it seemed the Buccaneers were worn out, allowing Belle Plaine to rack up a 24-point lead.

But, the Bucs got their second wind back, getting a three-pointer from Chandler Kienitz and free throw after free throw after free throw from Bailey Olson.

The Bucs kept making points until the last few seconds of the game, but it was the beginning of the second half when Belle Plaine gained a lead that sealed BEA’s fate for the game.

Bailey Olson was the top scorer for the Bucs, tallying 20 points for the home team and grabbing five rebounds.

Tyler Hannaman racked up 12 points for the Bucs with three assists and one rebound.

Brandon Olson nabbed 11 points for BEA and three assists.

Blake Barnett stood out having made two of his four three-pointer attempts.

The Bucs played at Waseca on Friday night, which was after the Faribault County Register deadline and results will be featured in the next issue.

Fairmont 67, BEA 41

The Buccaneers could not catch up to the Fairmont Cardinals on their Friday, Dec. 11 basketball game.

BEA was only able to make 19 points in the first half while Fairmont was able to get 35 points. In the second half, Fairmont brought in another 32 points, with BEA bringing in 22.

Fairmont won the game 67-41.

At the start of the game, things were exciting when BEA were able to tie the score with Fairmont three consecutive times. However, it seemed the Bucs lost their luster after missing four two-pointers, one three-pointer, and two free throws.

The Cardinals then took the lead and kept it for the rest of the game, having almost a 30 point lead on the Bucs at one point in the game.

At the end of the first half, the maroon and gold were behind Fairmont by 16 points.

It is not as though the Bucs did not try to catch up to their rivals. BEA made multiple free throws and two point field goals during the second half. However, whenever the Bucs were able to make one or two points, Fairmont would gain the same amount of points for their team.

That amounted to a 26 point lead for the Cardinals at the end of the game.

The top scorers for the Bucs were Bailey Olson who racked up 16 points for BEA. He also nabbed six rebounds.

Tyler Hannaman was also on top of his game, scoring four two-pointers, one three-pointer, and three of his four free throws which tallied 14 points for the Bucs.

No. 23, Chandler Kienitz, was also a help to the boys, scoring five points for the team. Alan Davids also grabbed four rebounds in the game.