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Buc girls fall to NRHEG

By Staff | Jan 24, 2016

Caitlin Rorman reaches over her New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva opponent to attempt a layup.

Blue Earth Area played host to the New Richland-Hartland-Ellendale-Geneva Panthers Tuesday night.

The Buccaneers girls basketball team fell behind in the first half, but attempted to fight back during the second.

Unfortunately, the game ended in the visiting team’s favor with a final score of 53-40.

The maroon and gold started out the first half by sinking three 2-pointers, two 3-pointers and three free throws for a total of 15 points.

But, that wasn’t enough to stay in stride with the Panthers who racked up 26 points before the first half ended.

Karli Olsen keeps her eye on the basket despite an incoming opponent.

The second half proved a little more successful for the BEA?girls. They sank four shots from the two-point range, five from behind the arc and nine from the free throw line.

This added 25 points to their side of the score board.

The Panthers continued their success and powered ahead scoring 27 more points in the second half and taking the win.

As a team the maroon and gold sank 7 of 26 two-pointers, 7 of 28 three pointers and five of 10 free-throw shots.

Sam Barslou led the team in scoring sinking five three pointers for a total of 15 points. She also had two rebounds.

Paige Darrington leaps up to attempt a two-point shot during the Bucs’ game against the St. James Saints.

Caitlin Rorman was not too far behind, racking up a total of 13 points for the Bucs. She made 2 of 5 two-point shots, 2 of 9 three-point shots and was 3 for 3 from the free-throw line.

Rorman also had four rebounds and two steals.

Shayna Stevermer and Paige Darrington brought in five points each.

Darrington also had 10 rebounds and one steal, while Stevermer had three rebounds and two steals.

The Buccaneers traveled to Fairmont to take on the Cardinals on Friday night. However, that game was played after the Faribault County Register deadline and results will be featured in the next issue.

BEA 50, St. James 48

It was a close one last weekend when the Blue Earth Area Buccaneers girls basketball team hosted the St. James Saints.

The two teams got within just points of each other during both halves of the game before the Bucs were ultimately determined the winner by just a two-point lead.

The game started out with the Buccaneers in the lead, bringing in 17 points in the first half; the Saints trailed with 12 points.

In the second half, St. James powered ahead bringing in an additional 33 points for themselves. But, it wasn’t quite enough to claim the win. The maroon and gold scored 28 more points and took the win 50-48.

As a team the Bucs sank 10 of 32 two-point shots, 7 of 31 shots from behind the arc and 9 of 17 from the free-throw line.

The maroon and gold also grabbed 24 rebounds, seven steals and had six assists.

Caitlin Rorman led the team in scoring, racking up an impressive 30 points against the Saints.

She was 5 for 9 from the two-point range, 5 for 13 from the three-point range and was 5 for 6 from the free-throw line.

Rorman also had two assists and three rebounds.

Karli Olsen brought in six points for BEA which came in the form of two 3-point shots. Olsen also had three rebounds and two steals.

Paige Darrington contributed five points, with two 2-pointers and one free-throw. She also had one assist, five rebounds and three steals.

BEA 43, New Ulm 39

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers girls basketball team traveled to New Ulm to take on the Eagles on Friday, Jan. 15.

And, it was a successful trip for the maroon and gold as they ended the game with a 43-39 victory against the home team.

The Bucs started things out by bringing in a total of 22 points in the first half. But, the Eagles weren’t too far behind with 16 points of their own.

The two teams remained close in the second half as the Bucs scored 21 more points and the Eagles scored an additional 23 points.

But, it wasn’t enough for the Eagles to come out ahead of BEA and the girls took the win by just four points.

As a team the Bucs were 13 for 32 from the two-point range, 3 for 10 from the three-point range and 8 for 11 from the free-throw line.

They also tallied a total of four assists, 30 rebounds, and eight steals.

Caitlin Rorman led the pack, bringing in a total of 16 points.

She was a perfect 5 for 5 from the free-throw line. Rorman also sank 4 of 9 two-point attempts and 1 of 4 three pointers.

Karli Olsen was 2 for 5 with her two-point shots and 3 for 6 with free throws for a total of seven points.

Olsen also had five rebounds and three steals for the maroon and gold.

Sam Barslou and Paige Darrington both brought in six points each.

Barslou was 2 for 5 from the three-point range and also had one rebound and one steal.

Darrington was 3 for 5 from the field. She also had two assists, 12 rebounds and three steals.