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Buc boys win against LCWM

By Staff | Jan 31, 2016

Brandon Olson going in for a layup during the game against LCWM

The Blue Earth Area team played host to Lake Crystal-Wellcome Memorial High School and notched their fourth win of the season.

The first half of the game showed the two teams were playing on a fairly level playing field.

But, the Bucs struck like lightening and at the end of the first half, took off with their scoring, taking a strong but still fairly close nine-point-lead.

It was the second half that had all eyes on the court. Three minutes into the second half, Bailey Olson, No. 31, scored a two-point basket and a three-pointer within 12 seconds of each other.

And for a while, the Bucs were unstoppable.

Chandler Kienitz ruffles some Cardinal feathers in Fairmont.

But, near the end of the game, LCWM worked hard at catching up, narrowing the point gap to only three.

The Bucs didn’t seem to like that at all and put it into high gear the last few minutes of the game, scoring seven more points before time was up.

The final score was 42-34.

The top scorer for the night was Bailey Olson, scoring 22 points for BEA. He was also able to nab four rebounds during the game.

Chandler Kienitz was also able to help the Bucs with four rebounds during his playing time. An eight point gap win for the Buccaneers made for a nice win for the home team with a score of 42-34.

Tyler Hannaman shooting for a basket against LCWM.

Both Tyler Hannaman and Blake Barnett netted six points each for the Buccaneers. Fairmont 54, BEA 38

The Buccaneers boys basketball team suffered yet another loss for their season.

Blue Earth Area traveled to take on Fairmont Friday, Jan. 22, where they fell behind early and lost the game 54-38.

The Bucs hit a dry spell after scoring their first few baskets, but then the boys quickly narrowed the point gap between their opponents.

The Cardinals pulled ahead again, and the Bucs tried to catch up, and they tailed behind at the end of the first half by just six points.

The Bucs scored 22 additional points in the second half, but it wasn’t enough to come out on top, ending with a game total of 38 points, while the Cardinals scored 54.

Brandon Olson led the team in scoring, racking up a total of 11 points for the maroon and gold. He also lead the team in rebounds, snagging five for BEA.

Blake Barnett was next in line sinking shots to add up to nine points. He also had two rebounds for the Bucs.

Waseca 63, BEA 42

Yet another loss for the Blue Earth Area’s basketball team.

The boys played against the Waseca Bluejays and played well, nabbing 42 points for themselves during the game, however, Waseca was able to win 63 points.

Right off the bat, the Bluejays were able to rack up a few two-point baskets and free throws, while the Bucs tried to catch up, getting close with a score of 5-4 just a few minutes into the game.

However, it was then that Waseca sank basket after basket, going from five points to 15 points.

The Bucs worked hard at trying to narrow the 10 point gap, shrinking it down to a five point gap, but only for a moment.

Waseca made three consecutive three-pointers, leaving the Bucs in the dust at the end of the first half with a score of 34-19.

During the second half, though Waseca continued to score, the Bucs made a valliant effort to grab as many points as they could.

Alan Davids helped the Bucs by scoring two three-pointers.

But again, Waseca was on fire and began scoring basket after basket, creating a 25 point gap between the Bluejays and the Bucs.

In the last 12 seconds of the game, Davids was subbed in for the Bucs and was able to score another three-pointer for the Bucs, but it was not enough to win.

The final score of the game was 63-42.

Davids brought in the most points for the team last Thursday night with a total of 14 points, 12 of which were from sinking three-pointers.

Bailey Olson also scored nine points for the Bucs and nabbed one of the three rebounds the Bucs made that night.

The Bucs also played against Maple River High School last Saturday. This game was past the Faribault County Register’s deadline and will be featured in the next edition.