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Bucs lose a couple more

By Staff | Feb 7, 2016

Tyler Hannaman stretches out an arm high above the crowd in order to take a shot on a fast break and gain two of his eight points in the game against the Maple River Eagles.

Even though the Bucs lost 62-47 against the Windom Eagles, there was something to celebrate for the BEA basketball team. Player No. 31, Bailey Olson, scored his 1,000th point of his high school career. He was also the top scorer for BEA yet again.

He picked up 18 points for the Bucs and had four rebounds during the game.

The first half of the game was fairly close. Windom would take the lead momentarily and the Bucs would power through to tie up. They did this almost four times throughout the first half.

The last few minutes of the first half, the Bucs were looking like they would have a pretty close game with a score of 25-24 with the Eagles ahead, but at the last second of the half, Windom sank a three-pointer, making the score 28-24.

Something changed in the second half; the maroon and gold lost a bit of their stamina, but kept playing hard.

Windom had a 10-point lead right off the bat, and the Bucs did their best to keep up, but the Eagles just kept staying 10 points ahead.

The game ended with Windom winning by 15 points, 62-47.

Besides Olson and his point total, Blake Barnett was also able to score 12 points for the home team.

The next game for BEA was on Friday, Feb. 5 in St. Peter. This was past the Faribault County Register’s deadline and will be featured in the next issue.

Maple River 67,

BEA 45

The Bucs suffered yet another loss, this time against the Maple River Eagles. The Blue Earth Area basketball team was able to score a solid 45 points during the game on Jan. 30, but Maple River was able to tally 67 points.

At the beginning of the game, Maple River scored 11 points before BEA could finally get on the board with a free-throw by Bailey Olson.

And, that is the way the first half of the game went. Maple River would tally anywhere from three to five points, while the Bucs were able to score one or two points. At the end of the first half, Maple River had a substantial 22 point lead ahead of the Bucs.

The start of the second half of the game was no different for the maroon and gold the Bucs would tally one or two more points to their score, and Maple River would tally five or six. The point gap became greater and greater, with Maple River at one point having a commanding 36 point lead.

The Bucs kicked it into high gear right after that in the second half and tripled their score by the end of the game going from 15 points to 45 points. It just was not enough, however, and the Eagles took the win 67-45.

The top scorer for the Bucs this game was Bailey Olson, scoring 15 points, and also pocketing five rebounds.

Tyler Hannaman was also able to assist BEA by tallying eight points for the team. Alan Davids and Chandler Kienitz also added six points each for the maroon and gold.

The Buccaneers did have a few close calls with foul trouble during the game. Both Kienitz and Blake Barnett were one foul away from fouling out.