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Buc tracksters take 1st

By Staff | May 8, 2016

Pictured above, Katie Allis bolts to the finish in the 1600 meter run at the Buc Quad Invite.

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneers were, as they say, cooking with gas on April 29 at Wilson Field for the Buccaneer Quad Meet. Though conditions were cold and overcast, BEA brought the heat.

Both the boys team and girls team finished first at the meet. The boys won with 102 points while the girls won with 124 points.

The boys team placed first, second, or third place in every category but one.

Camden Bowers once again led his team in a win?by placing first in four different events. He placed first in the 200 meter dash with a time of 23.8 seconds, in the 400 meter dash with a time of 54.9 seconds, first place in long jump with a distance of 19 feet 1 inch, and first place in triple jump with a distance of 39 feet 7 inches.

Brandon Olson also contributed his talents to the team, earning first place in two events. He clocked a time of 15.9 seconds in the 100 meter high hurdles, which shot him to first place. In the 300 meter intermediate hurdles, Olson crossed the finish line first with a time of 43.7 seconds. Olson also received third place in pole vault with a height of 10 feet.

Paige Darrington carries the batton for her 4x100 meter relay.

Grant Strukel took first place in the 1600 meter run with a time of 4:57.1, while teammate Fabian Riegelsberger finished first in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:09.4. Strukel also placed second in the 3200 meter run with a time of 10:50.9.

Jordan Frandle was able to place second in the 100 meter dash with a time of 11.5 seconds.

Gunnar Fering also did well in many of his events including taking second place in the 300 meter intermediate hurdles, behind fellow Buccaneer Olson. Fering’s time for the hurdles was 45.2. He also took third place in the110 meter high hurdles with a time of 17.39.

The BEA 4×200 meter relay team consisting of Adam Griffin (25.3), Clayton Johnson (25.7), Fering (24.6), and Frandle (24.9) placed second for the maroon and gold with a time of 1:40.7.

The 4×100 meter relay team also took second with 49.8 seconds from efforts by Frandle, Reed Krieger, Rylee McGuire, and Ben Babcock.

Adam Griffin hands off the batton to teammate Gunnar Fering during the 4x200 meter relay. Both BEA track teams took first place at the meet.

The Bucs’ 4×400 meter relay team, too, took second place. Clayton Johnson (56.5), Fabian Riegelsberger (55.1), Brandon Olson (57.2), and Seth Becker (57.2) had a combined time of 3:46.0 for the team.

Other Results:

100 meter dash: Riley Anderson (12.9), Mason Mauris (13.1).

200 meter dash: Cameron Anderson (26.1), Mason Mauris (29.0).

400 meter dash: Adam Griffin (third, 57.6), Ty Peterson (73.3).

800 meter run: Franklin Huang (2:43.3), Nate Phippen (3:25.6).

1600 meter run: Zach Vaske (third, 5:07.8), Cameron Germain (6:42.2).

110 meter high hurdles: Seth Becker (17.9).

300 meter Int. hurdles: Seth Becker (third, 45.5).

4×100 meter relay: R.Anderson, Peterson, A.Morrow, C.Anderson (fourth, 52.4); Ihle, Lindsey, X.Morrow, Naumann (56.6).

4×800 meter relay: BEA (third, 10:08.6) Adam Griffin (2:16.1), Nate Phippen (2:57.4), Akeira Morrow (2:19.6), Franklin Huang (2:35.4).

High jump: Clayton Johnson (fourth, 5-2).

Long jump: Clayton Johnson (third, 17-5), Cameron Anderson (14-10).

Triple jump: Franklin Huang (31-9), Akiera Morrow (31-8 1/2), Owen Naumann (27-3 1/2), Xavier Morrow (27-0 1/2), Ty Peterson (26-5), Brady Bromeland (21-5).

Discus: Jordan Frandle (third, 98-2), Grant Madetzke (fourth, 98-0), Reed Krieger (93-8), Rylie McGuire (77-6), Johnny Hynes (65-9 1/2), Keagan Ihle (60-1), Tucker Bottin (60-8).

Shot put: Jared Armon (third, 37-9), Reed Krieger (fifth, 37-5), Rylee McGuire (29-11), Tucker Bottin (27-9), Grant Madetzke (27-2), Johnny Hynes (24-11), Keagan Ihle (30-5).

Girls Results:

The BEA?girls were on top of their game at the Buc Quad placing first at the meet with 124 points. The weather was brisk, but then again, so were the Bucs.

Miranda Johnson placed first in the 100 meter dash with a time of 12.5 seconds, first in the 200 meter dash with a time of 27.1, and first place in the long jump with a distance of 14 feet 7 1/2 inches.

Taylor Grandgenett assisted with the overall score for the BEA?girls, too. She placed first in the 300 meter low hurdles with a time of 50.4. She also tied for first with teammate Paige Darrington in the high jump event. They both placed first with a height of 4 feet 8 inches.

Melissa Hagedorn placed first in the 100 meter high hurdles with a time of 16.9 while fellow teammate Grandgenett followed close behind in second place with a time of 17.5. Hagedorn also placed second in pole vault with a height of 8 feet 6 inches.

However, teammate Nicole Lium was able to nab first in the pole vault event, with a height of 9 feet.

Karli Olsen also placed first in her event, the 800 meter run, with a time of 2:31.4.

Lindsey Norman was another Buccaneer who placed first at the meet. Norman took first in shot put with a distance of 36 feet 11 1/2 inches.

Hannah Johnson was another second place finisher for the Bucs; this time, in the 400 meter dash. Johnson finished with a time of 66.4 seconds.

Anne Franta, too, placed second for the Bucs but in the 200 meter dash event behind teammate Miranda Johnson. Franta placed second just .4 seconds behind Johnson with a time of 27.5 seconds.

The Bucs’ 4×100 meter relay team of Paige Darrington, Miranda Johnson, Ta Armstrong, and Skylee Bell placed first with a time of 53.9.

The 4×200 meter relay team of Paige Darrington (30.2), Alissa Norman (29.6), Ta Armstrong (31.1), and Skylee Bell (29.2) also placed first with a time of 1:57.5.

The 4×400 meter relay team consisting of Taylor Grandgenett (65.7), Hannah Johnson (67.9), Alissa Norman (68.2), and Karli Olsen (62.4) also took first place at the meet with a combined time of 4:24.2

BEA’s 4×800 meter relay team of Shayna Stevermer (2:40.8), Sofie Blair (2:48.9), Sidney Blair (3:02.8), and Kiera Osmundson (2:47.8) placed third with a time of 11:20.4.

Other Results:

100 meter dash: Nyla Anderson (13.9), Cali Gack (14.3), Katie Allis (14.7), Kenya Whitlow (15.3), Heaven Ihle (17.3).

200 meter dash: Amanda Jacobson (fifth, 29.1), Gabby Haaland (33.8), Maddie McCleary (34.3).

400 meter dash: Amanda Jacobson (fourth, 66.8), Lauren Schavey (76.8).

800 meter run: Andrea Lawrence (2:52.7), Arika Howard (3:04.0), Emma Germain (3:04.4).

1600 meter run: Callie Stevermer (third, 6:33.7), Sam Ripley (fourth, 6:39.2), Kaitlin Johnson (6:46.7).

3200 meter run: Sidney Blair (third, 15:04.7), Shayna Stevermer (fifth, 15:40.7).

4×400 meter relay: BEA(fifth, 4:51.9) Callie Stevermer (73.9), Sam Ripley (74.2), Kaitlin Johnson (69.8), and Andrea Lawrence (74.2).

4×200 meter relay: BEA (fifth, 2:05.6) Katie Allis (31.5), Kiera Osmundson (32.0), Sammy Naumann (32.4), Maddi Oelke (30.9).

4×100 meter relay: BEA Nyla Anderson, Malorie Huber, Sammy Naumann, Maddi Oelke (third, 57.3), BEA Gabby Haaland, Cali Gack, Arika Howard, Lauren Schavey (fifth, 59.7), BEA Izzy Barnett, Maddy McCleary, Heidi Hermann, Katie Allis (59.9).

High jump: Heidi Hermann (4-0), Gabby Haaland (3-10).

Long jump: Skylee Bell (fourth, 14-1), Hannah Johnson (13-5), Cali Gack (11-9 1/2), Kenya Whitlow (10-9 3/4).

Triple jump: Karli Olsen (fourth, 30-3), Amanda Jacobson (fifth, 29-8), Shayna Stevermer (29-8), Nyla Anderson (29-7 1/2), Andrea Lawrence (29-1).

Pole Vault: Heidi Herman (7-0).

Shot put: Brittany Johnson (26-10), Emma Lofblad (26-4 1/2), Ta Armstrong (24-9), Hayley Jahnke (21-2), Taylor Driehorst (20-7 1/2).

Discus: Lindsey Norman?(fourth, 89-6), Sam Ripley (fifth, 85-10), Emma Lofblad (70-6), Brittany Johnson (64-10), Maddie McCleary (48-7), Erika Howard (48-5), Hayley Jahnke (46-1), Taylor Driehorst (36-6).