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A flexible family at BEA

By Staff | Nov 27, 2016

From left to right in the back row are Mari Vargas, Arianna Nagel, Izzy Walker, Jazmyn Lunz, Amarrah Harris, Destiny Massey and Sunshine Wight, (center row) Sydney Blagg, Melissa Hagedorn, Claire Jordan, Justina Gaydon, Hayley Jahnke, Malorie Huber and (front row) Taylor Driehorst, Mari Curi, Phoebe Loge and Katie Allis.

Young. Fierce. Supportive. Energized. Funny. Friendly. Family. Ready.

These are just a few words members of the Blue Earth Area Gymnastics team chose to describe themselves as they began practice last week. And with their first competition coming up against St. Peter on Dec. 13, the girls certainly are ready.

Merissa Lore, the team’s head coach, and Rachel Cole, the team’s assistant coach, both agree that a fierce, energized, family is exactly what the BEA?Gymnastics team is.

“One of the most important team characteristics is positive attitudes and dedicated teammates, which we have this year,” says Lore. “The girls support each other, get along, and have a good time together.”

Lore says the team’s charisma has been very captivating this year; so captivating in fact, that it has been infectious.

“Positive attitudes go a long way and I would say it is our number one strength,” she says.

With a number of young team members, who were even younger last year, the gymnastics team, according to Lore, has picked up where they left off last year.

“We have some work to do, but the pre-season conditioning seems to be paying off the girls seem to have more strength coming back than they usually do.”

The 2016-17 gymnastics season is a rebuilding year for Blue Earth Area, but their head coach is impressed by the team’s ability to continue from the end of last season.

The team lost one senior last year; Erin Olson. This year Grace Leland did not go out for the team due to her pursuing post-secondary school, and another skilled gymnast, Sam Esteva, moved back to Texas. There is still a few returning gymnasts and one of those will not be competing but will still play an important role on the team.

Malorie Huber, who recently tore her ACL, will be the team’s student manager this year.

“We are excited to have Malorie still be a part of the team and with us in some capacity this year,” says Lore.

All together, the BEA 2016-17 team consists of 11 returning gymnasts and five new gymnasts, making 16 girls on the team all together.

And those 16 girls make up one skilled family.

“All of the girls are important to the team. The girls are like a family, so no one member is more important than the other,” says Lore. That being said, she says she has seen a few members of the team truly step up to their roles in this BEA family.

“Sydney Blagg and Melissa Hagedorn are both returning varsity gymnasts. Melissa has stepped up and been very helpful in organizing and leading the young girls,” says Lore. “Jazmyn Lunz and Destiny Mussey are seventh graders and new to the team but they still are bringing previous gymnastics experience. Amarrah Harris, Maricela Curi and Sunshine Wight are all new to the team and to the sport of gymnastics, but they show a lot of potential.”

Most importantly for this family of tumblers, balance beamers and high and low bar stars, their season is more than just achievements and trophies.

Lore says she is taking an active role with the team to encourage them to gain confidence in themselves, each other, and make lasting friendships.

“We are hoping to have a fun, positive, and, of course, injury-free gymnastics season,” says Lore. “We are excited to see what this year brings and are excited to spend time with these girls.”