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Boys place first; girls get third

By Staff | Apr 29, 2018

It was finally sunny enough to hit the track running, literally.

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneer Track and Field teams headed to Lake Crystal and had a great meet. The boys team placed first while the girls placed third at the away meet.

The Buccaneer boys earned 99 points to place first over Minnesota Valley Lutheran (second, 60.5 points), Lake Crystal-Wellcome-Memorial-Nicollet (third, 42), and United South Central-Alden-Conger (fourth, 40.5).

It was a great day for individual competitions and group relay events for the Bucs. Junior Brady Olson earned first in high jump with a height of 5-foot-7 inches, while Clayton Johnson also earned first in the triple jump with a distance of 39 feet. In long jump, Cameron Anderson also placed first with a jump of 19-9.

Rylee McGuire lead the boys in pole vaulting, earning first as well with a height of 12 feet.

Grant Strukel placed first in the 800 meter run with a time of 2:13.71, while teammate Gunnar Fering placed first with a time of 44.84 in the 300 meter intermediate hurdles.

As for relay teams? Well, it was aces almost all across the board for BEA.

The 4×800 meter relay team consisting of Strukel (2:11.4), Johnson (2:13.1), Olsen (2:14.7) and Julius Holzer (2:19.0), the 4×200 meter relay team comprised of Ben Babcock (24.8), Adam Griffin (24.6), Austin Thielfoldt (24.8), and Cameron Anderson (24.3), as well as the 4×400 meter relay team which includes Strukel (57.5), Olsen (56.6), Johnson (54.6), and Alex Reese (56.3) all earned first place at the meet on April 23.

Girls Results:

The Maroon and Gold girls rallied hard at their meet. They earned third place for the day with a team total of 57 points. MVL placed first with 86.5 points, while LCWM/N placed second with 72.5 points. USC/AC earned 24 points for fourth.

Heidi Herrmann placed first in the pole vault event with a height of eight feet for the Buccaneer girls while usual first-place-pole-vaulter Nicole Lium used her skills in the high jump, still earning first mind you, with a height of 5-foot-1 inch.

Senior Melissa Hagedorn also placed first in both hurdles, the 100 meter high and the 300 meter low. She timed in at 16.87 for the high hurdles and 49.93 for the low hurdles.

Other Results:

4×100 meter relay: BEA (second, 47.74) Waylen Douglas, Austin Thielfoldt, Rylee McGuire, Ben?Babcock.

110 meter high hurdles: Gunnar Fering (second, 16.94), Owen Naumann (fifth, 20.41), Alex Reese (21.08).

300 meter int. hurdles: Alex Reese (second, 45.10), Owen Naumann (56.40).

100 meter relay: Riley Anderson (fifth, 12.40), Waylen Douglas (12.57), Austin Thielfoldt (12.70), Akeira Morrow (13.08).

400 meter dash: Adam Griffin (third, 55.02), Brady Olsen (fourth, 57.06), Keagan Ihle (62.69), Aiden Osmundson (65.77).

200 meter dash: Cameron Anderson?(second, 24.63), Riley Anderson (third, 25.31), Waylen Douglas (26.14), Nick Frank (27.91), Brady Bromeland (31.85).

800 meter run: Angel Martinez (2:32.05), Derek Lium (2:46.02), Alex Dikken (3:06.61), Blair Lunz (3:10.16), Carson Strukel (3:21.65).

Pole vault: Thomas Lindsey (third, 10-3).

Long jump: Ben Babcock (third, 19-2 1/2), Jacob Dikken (16-4), Angel Martinez (13-10), Bruk Sonnicksen (11-4), Kyren Sunken (10-8 1/2), Austin Skaden (10-5 1/2).

Triple jump: Gunnar Fering (fourth, 34-11 1/2), Akeira Morrow (32-3), Aaron Lorenz (29-9), Owen Naumann (28-6), Austin Stauffer (26-8 1/2).

1600 meter run: Jacob Dikken (third, 5:38.62), Cameron Germain (fourth, 5:41.89).

3200 meter run: Julius Holzer (second, 11:55.79).

4×200 meter relay: BEA (second, 1:56.70) Amanda Jacobson (29.3), Maddi Oelke (28.8), Alissa Norman (29.1), Sofie Blair (28.7).

4×100 meter relay: BEA (third, 54.58) Ta Armstrong, Maddi Oelke, Alissa Norman, Lindsey Norman.

4×400 meter relay: BEA (second, 4:28.77) Melissa Hagedorn (66.4), Sofie Blair (65.5), Eloise Blair (69.2), Kiera Osmundson (67.2).

4×800 meter relay: BEA (second, 11:02.83) Kiera Osmundson (2:36.7), Callie Stevermer (2:37.2), Kaitlin Johnson (2:46.3), Hannah Johnson (3:01.0).

100 meter high hurdles: Heidi Herrmann (second, 18.06), Jazmin Lopez (21.05), Allie Lopez (22.96).

300 meter low hurdles: Eloise Blair (fourth, 53.73), Heidi Herrmann (56.91), Lauren Bleess (61.25), Haley Kalis (62.64), Jazmin Lopez (68.85), Allie Lopez (69.87).

100 meter dash: Alissa Norman (fifth, 14.27), Ta Armstrong(14.34), Izzy Todd (19.90).

400 meter dash: Amanda Jacobson (third, 66.81), Hannah Johnson (fourth, 70.21), Calli Ferguson (78.51).

200 meter dash: Ta Armstrong (29.41), Sara Hernandez (32.22), Chevelle Henke (33.70), Izzy Todd (44.50).

High jump: Sofie Blair (fourth, 4-7), Sophie Keister (4-1).

Pole vault: Izzy Walker (6-6).

Long jump: Hannah Johnson (13-2 1/2), Eloise Blair (11-4), Jaden Barnett (11-0).

Triple jump: Maddi Oelke (third, 30-9 1/2), Lindsey Norman (fifth, 29-11), Izzy Walker (25-1).

800 meter run: Kaitlin Johnson (2:47.17), Tori Oswald (3:18.75).

1600 meter run: Callie Stevermer (fifth, 6:13.10), Emma Germain (7:11.54).