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Buccaneers start the season in Fairmont

By Staff | Sep 2, 2018

Buc runners Gabby Weerts (left) and Arianna Nagel match each other stride-for-stride during the senior girls’ race of the Early Bird Invitational in Fairmont.

The Blue Earth Area Buccaneer cross country team is off!

Starting out in Fairmont at their first seasonal meet for the Early-Bird Invite, the BEA boys and girls struggled to make it in the top five, but both the boys and girls varsity teams have already made great progressive strides.

Boys Results

The boys earned 66 points at the Early-Bird Invite on Aug. 24, placing seventh. St. James was able to nab first place with 17 points, Fairmont earned second place with 22 points, while Mountain Lake took third with 25 points.

“Grant grabbed the grade-level victory for the third straight year,” emphasized head coach Tom Plocker. “Brady Olson made a 40-second improvement to earn hardware at fifth in the 11th grade as well.”

Cameron Germain also improved his score from last year, running a minute faster comparatively while Eric Olson was 30 seconds faster than last year’s marked time.

Blake Townsend battered his 4K time from last year, significantly. James Greer also joined the varsity boys to complete his 4K as well.

Varsity (4,000 meters): Grant Strukel (14:04), Brady Olsen (15:10), Cameron Germain (17:50), Eric Becker (18:22), Blake Townsend (19:32), James Greer (21:55).

Boys JH (1,600 meters): Angel Martinez (5:48), Alex Dikken (6:52), Soren Fering (6:56), Carson Strukel (7:03), James Hill (7:35), Shane Levenhagen (7:40), Eli Paz (8:27).

Girls Results

The girls team also struggled to place overall, earning 50 points for sixth place. Fairmont placed first for the girls teams with 17 points, while Le Sueur-Henderson tied with the same number of points, taking second. In third, Lake Crystal-Welcome-Memorial/Nicollet earned 24 points.

The Maroon and Gold girls ran what their head coach calls a “nicely-paced race” for the day. Callie Stevermer shaved 90 seconds from her 2017 mark, while Kaitlin Johnson claimed a medal for the second year in a row. She placed third out of all of the competing 11th graders.

Amanda Johnson, according to her coach, improved her time from last year by nearly four minutes.

Teammates Arianna Nagel and Gabby Weerts encouraged each other all the way to the finish line as did Aubrey Hueper and Elizabeth Johnson, each of whom completed their first 4K. Haley Jahnke also had a solid 2018 start to the season.

Varsity (4,000 meters): Callie Stevermer (18:44), Kaitlin Johnson (19:08), Amanda Jacobson (20:55), Arianna Nagel (22:25), Gabby Weerts (22:25), Aubrey Hueper (26:41), Elizabeth Jacobson (27:30), Hayley Jahnke (29:02).

Girls JH: Leah Becker (8:14).